Jquery Menus Using Dotnetnuke

  • Full cross-browser compatibility
  • Fully accessible even when javascript is turned off, as a pure css menu
  • Search engines optimized
  • Clear unordered list (LI and UL HTML tags) structure
  • Easy to setup and update
  • Fantastic animation and transition effects
  • Multiple pre-desinded color schemes
  • Completely customizable styling with CSS
  • Powered by jQuery
  • Extremely small - 3kb uncompressed

Jquery Menus Using Dotnetnuke jQuery Navigation Style Blogs

Yet Another Forum.NET

Now though on a clean install of DNN 5.4.2 and using your latest module install for YAF I am now getting some JQuery conflicts. forum for, then adding the forum module to a page will result in a new forum being created. Otherwize you will have to create a new board from the forum's admin menus

Vertical Suckerfish with slideout submenus - jQuery Forum

jQuery Support Portal in Using jQuery Plugins. I am trying to capture a menu effect from the DotNetNuke core menus, found here: http://www.toledooblates

Free Flash Gallery To Your Forum - Flash Photo Gallery

Free Flash Gallery To Your Forum. Build superior photoalbums for your Website with Flash Photo Gallery!. Flash Slide Toutes Les 10 Secondes

2 separate menus in dnn5? > DotNetNuke Forum, DNN Creative

Hi, witch is the best way to make dnn 5 to have 2 separated menus? Which version of DotNetNuke are you using? RE: Registered Users by jncraig. Generally, the notion of a Registered User is that they have registered -- created an account -- on Registered Users by cdmeyer

build a frameset for header and forum body

I am looking to change the following page to use two frames rather than an iframe as I am using just now. http://www.ayrshireminis.com/mini/en/forum2.p

Ext 2.x: Help [Archive] - Page 105 - Sencha Forum

[Archive] Page 105 Community help forum for Ext JS version 2.0 Make TabPanel item follow link using beforetabchange. Problems with Drag & Drop example :( Config object problem [SOLVED] Grid data not loading. Select a record from a combobox. TaskMgr starting task but losing scope info

E-Books Thread (various) [Archive] - Page 5 - The Drunken

[Archive] Page 5 E-Books Thread (various) I am - E-Books oriented/imperative languages using C++ and Ruby, functional languages using Standard ML, and logic programming using Prolog

C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET discussion forum

Discussion Forum - Ask any questions related to .NET or Microsoft technologies. forum and make revenue for each post. You can create a new thread in the forum, post

horizontal root menu only - Tips and tricks - SalarO

SalarO forum and post all your issues here for our team to help Freebee DotNetNuke Free DNN Skins. freebee Module & Apps. Newsletter Template. Flash & Graphics Store. Testomonials for SalarO. About Using Paypal. SUPPORT. Reseller Resources. Customer Support

Forum - Freelance Projects

I need a couple of drop down menus removed, a new layout, overall appearance change and I need to add a forum. tree forum wordpress plugin *Plug and play plugin -Upload,Activate,Start using activision system each domain that will use this

Article Network | Packt Publishing Technical & IT Book Store

Packt is a modern publishing company, producing cutting-edge books, eBooks, and articles for communities of developers, administrators, and newbies alike

Jquery Menus Using Dotnetnuke jQuery Animated Button Tweet Tweet!

Jquery Menus Using Dotnetnuke  jQuery Sub Menus Drop Down See Also

Popular jQuery Plugins - Nova Software

Lists some popular jQuery plugins, including AutoComplete, Galleries, ThickBox, Menu, and etc. Description: Smooth Navigation Menu is a multi level, CSS list based menu powered using jQuery that makes website navigation a smooth affair

Skin Generator Beta > Blog

SkinGenerator.com blog - website skin and template generation. jQuery menu creator. all this in mind, the decision to use a basic html menu system over a more sophisticated jQuery menu system really comes down to the amount of time you are willing to spend towards the development of your navigation

Using jQuery with DotNetNuke 04.xx.xx " Azhar's Web Blog

Using jQuery with DotNetNuke 04.xx.xx. July 24, 2010 by ajavaid. jQuery support is available in 5.0 and later versions of DotNetNuke (read more) . If you are working in older versions of DotNetNuke you can include jQuery yourself I found out that java-script based menus were having conflict with jQuery

ez Ajax | jQuery Plugins

ezAjax is a jQuery plug-in which helps you send part of a page using Ajax to a web service in both JSON/JSON and Query/XML format. to be very useful if you are developing for DotNetNuke. It uses and follows the standard jQuery.Ajax method, however it will automatically finds

DotNetNuke SEO: Broken Links, Deleted Pages, Redirection

This is the blog by the well-known DotNetNuke enthusiast, Will Strohl. Here, he speaks about DNN, technology, programming, VB, SQL Server, customer service, and more

Using Telerik RadTreeView With DotNetNuke To Manage

Article shows how to create a hierarchy management with create / rename / delele nodes, drag and drop, nodes deffered (lazy) load.; Author: Anton Burtsev; Section: ASP.NET; Chapter: Web Development

Creating Widgets > DotNetNuke Forum, DNN Creative Magazine

The standard menu can be configured as to which menu items are shown using the Level and ExpandDepth RE: Question For JQuery Experts by jncraig. Are you using document.ready to prevent jQuery from working until

DotNetNuke Skinning – SolPartMenu

When you first encounter the SolPartMenu skin object, you may become a bit overwhelmed by all of the options. But, it doesn't take long to realize that you

SEO friendly CSS based DotNetNuke menu platform - Help

However, it is always been a challenge to use them with DotNetNuke. a custom menu into DotNetNuke is a painful procedure, especially if a desired template has different from standard DNN Menu HTML structure or if it is based on some JavaScript libraries, such as JQuery, Mootools, Prototype

DotNetNuke Designer Challenge SkinDemos

Listing of all the skins entered into the DotNetNuke Designer Challenge! Although this skin uses a bit of jQuery and a modified CSS Grid framework this one was submitted in the modern business section because that what the main use for this site. This is best used for a a small

Snowcovered.com : NavXp 1.5.2 by Avatar Software : DotNetNuke

NavXp is a powerful DotNetNuke module that takes navigation experience to the next level. render all kinds of menus, from simple links to sidebars and rich dropdowns. configure using advanced AJAX interface based on jQuery. create your custom hierarchy based on tabs on your portal

Using jQuery in DotNetNuke 4.9.0 - General Discussion

Using jQuery in DotNetNuke 4.9.0. Is it possible to use Jquery in DNN 4.9.0? I fidured that it should but when I add a tag to link to the jquery.js file the page loads up but then funky things happen to the menus, the control panel and the admin pages

NB_Store - Free DotNetNuke Ecommerce Catalog Module

Which menu are you using it can be confusing because there are several different menus supported within the category menu settings. Each has The jQuery treeview menu option doesn't use any tables. Look closely at all of the category menu settings and disable/enable various options to see

SalarO Skins, Modules & Graphics 4 DotNetNuke WCMS | DNN

Store.SalarO.com builds a large selections of skins, Modules & Graphic UI elements for your content management systems in particular DotNetNuke, DNN and Joomla. Creation is our Five colour CSS Skin Pack using Snapsis Menu, which proves that a more complex design is also possible with CSS skinning

The Advanced Control Panel for DotNetNuke by Oliver Hine

Free fully featured ajax enabled control panel replacement for DotNetNuke with advanced features for an optimized administration experience. enter page settings, add new page or delete current page with a click, use context menu for duplicate, import and export

Jquery Menu Bar : Opening Newwindow In jQuery Dropdown Menu

Jquery Menu Bar. Make your web site neat and well-organized with jQuery Java Script Menu!. Good Drop Down Menu jQuery Template

Planet Telex Inc. | DotNetNuke jNet Control Demos | jNet Menu

The jNet Menu system is a simple and versatile menu or navigation system for DotNetNuke (DNN). This site section provides examples and demonstrations of this SEO optimized menu system to see what it can do for your website menu. View pages

jquery Menu's

I seem to have found an issue with ProfileSearch and menu systems developed in JDMenu jquery scripts. Do your part by using the form below to report Q&A that violates the Community Guidelines

Dotnetnuke menus & skins

Dotnetnuke menus, DNN menu, modules, skinobject, skins

Superfish Vertical Menu Drupal : Drop Down jQuery Sub Menus

Superfish Vertical Menu Drupal. Make fast and straightforward navigation for your web site with jQuery Java Script Menus!. jQuery Button Nav

Sites Using jQuery - jQuery JavaScript Library

DotNetNuke – DotNetNuke is an open source web application framework ideal for creating, deploying and managing interactive web, intranet and extranet sites. WordPress – Extensible blogging platform. Drupal – Widely popular open source content Dubai Property Site uses Jquery for its member area menus

Jquery Menus In Dotnetnuke : jQuery Drop Menu Open Window Self

Jquery Menus In Dotnetnuke. jQuery Menu is a ready-made, professional solution that allows webmasters to Make superior, cross-browser, fast-loading web menus.. jQuery Menu Des Images

The Accidental Geek | DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke Tips and Tricks #20: Module Action Menu Links. Sep26. Very early in the life of DotNetNuke, modules were fairly limited in their functionality. Modules could have multiple behaviors attached to them When I first created the menus, I documented the API using XML Comments, which were not